First Post!!

Posted on Mar 1, 2023

First blog post


Finally, after battling with blood and tears through the enigmatic machinations of HTML and CSS I finally finished setting up the theme of my blog. It is not perfect, but I find it comfy and like it enough to write my ramblings in it.

What ramblings could I write? I may talk about art? Or tech stuff? Maybe I could also ramble about my random interests, or simply write whatever my mind decides to poop out in the moment. In the end what’s important for me is to just write anything.

I mainly decided to start a blog because I felt like I really am quite awful at writing or speaking in an interesting and eloquent manner, which is a damn shame since oversharing is something that I really enjoy doing! What’s the point of telling people stuff if I can’t transmit what I feel about them? So I just found out that the obvious solution is just to practice exposing and explaining stuff through writing.

Besides, I also felt like I really need to detach myself from social medias in general. They might be entertaining, but the feeling I am left off with each time I’m done using them is a weird sensation of “information bloat” inside my peepy brain.
The memes, the hot takes, the dogshit takes, the doom takes, the countless hours I waste…
There’s only so much I can tolerate before I just implode inside, just like how I really enjoy the taste of a good burger while eating it, but after I’m finished, all that is left is guilt and shame.

So, I may sound cliché, but I hope that this will be the start of something that will change me in the better, and that I’ll mantain in the long term!

"Non si vede bene che con il cuore. L’essenziale è invisibile agli occhi." - Il Piccolo Principe